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Build Your Own Website

There are many companies that offer cheap or FREE websites for those who are prepared to build their own.

They operate by giving you a access to a control panel from where you create and manage the pages that make up your website.

These content management systems (CMS) enable you to design web pages using text as if you were using a word processor or writing an email.

Some also enable you to construct more elaborate pages by using HTML code.

DIY Website Support

We do not offer DIY website facilities.

There are many companies that do that offer that service and we have explored some of them. We have found some that provide a customer friendly tool as well as a good customer support.

Others have idiosyncrasies which we've discovered and are happy to share with you.

We do offer support and advice for those who are thinking about building their own website or have embarked upon the DIY route and have come unstuck.

How Can We Help?

The three main criteria against which a website is judged are as follows.

  1. A website should appear within the top 30 results (1st three pages) following a search by a prospective customer.
  2. When prospective customers see a website on the search results page or in a directory listing, they should feel encouraged to visit it.
  3. Once they've landed on a website, the content has to be interesting enough to keep visitors browsing until they respond to the "call to action" such as placing an order or  making an enquiry.

There are examples of self build websites that are quite frankly embarrassing and don't come close to satisfying any of the above criteria. This isn't surprising, since designing a website is a skilled job and ensuring that the structure and content is right is essential.

We can help before you begin to build your website by talking to you about you business and suggesting ways in which you might like to structure your website and explaining why the content you use is important.

If you've already built your website, we can take a look at it and offer suggestions on how you might improve it. Often a relatively simple change to the design or content can have a marked impact upon your website's performance.

We can either undertake the changes for you or document the changes so that you can apply them yourself.

Off Page Consideration

In addition to the design and content of your website, there are other considerations of which you should be aware such as:

  • Inserting analytics code to capture useful performance data
  • Including Robots and Sitemap files
  • Search engine submission

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